encaged is a 2D puzzle-platformer with 8 levels.

The game's environment is bright and peaceful, where the player can enjoy a relaxing experience while giving life to a tiny spongy being.

The small one must complete a determined path, reaching all the level's checkpoints.

Each checkpoint marks a sacrifice: every time a checkpoint is reached, the player must let go of one of their abilities (movement to the left/right, jump or double jump).

The player must be cautious with their options to complete the level.


  • WASD/arrow keys to move and jump
  • mouse/keys to choose the options
  • 'R' to restart the level


José Ribeiro - Programming
Beatriz Abreu - Art
Catarina Lopes  - Programming/Technical Art

This game was developed for IPCA Game Jam 2019 under 48h for the theme 'sacrifice'.


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Muito criativo o game, curti muito o visual! 


This is such a cool little game! Very fun and the puzzles were challenging, but not too difficult
I'd love to see a full game of this style


Nice game, specially for a game jam, played 6 of the 8 levels! Polished and challenging :)

On level 6 I had already forgot what the regain ability stand for (jump or double jump symbols were not clear to me), perhaps they could be introduced as they appear on the levels.