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Septem Peccata is a puzzle-horror game which takes place in the XV century.

The player takes control of a priest, well known for his exorcist skills, who was charged by the Pope himself to clear a monastery, however the Pope gives him little details and the player finds himself in Hell's playground...

Having to fight his own fears and weaknesses, the priest will have to make things holy again and find out what really happened.

This game was developed as a year long final project for college. The team consisted of 4 people. It never passed the prototype stage but it has a playable level.

The game is VR and gamepad ready.

3D art by Ana Lopes and Tito Machado. Textures by Miguel Figueiredo. Concept art by Inês Lima. Code by Ana Lopes and Miguel Figueiredo.

Install instructions

This game needs the latest oculus runtime to run in VR.


Septem Peccata (Build).zip 252 MB


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Neat idea.